Secure Valuables Improve Home Safety
LedgeLocker Shelves Conceal, Lock and Protect Your Valuables

Transform any room in your home or office with a LedgeLocker concealment shelf. Available in traditional and contemporary, each LedgeLocker opens without disturbing shelf content, quietly and easily when you need the content inside it most. What you choose to hide inside is your business. Order yours today.

LedgeLocker Benefits

+  Shelving with interior locking safe (Mechanized Shelving)

+  Matching shelving without locking safe (Non-Mechanized Shelving)

+  Multiple uses for any room in your home (Portfolio of Applications)

+  Patent protected locking system with secret KEY (Learn More)

+  Multiple sizes, finishes and interior trays available (Accessories)

+  Hand Crafted in the USA with 5-Year Warranty (Website)